26/3: AI Inspiration Session – AI for sales, marketing and customer service

26/3: AI Inspiration Session – AI for sales, marketing and customer service

Artificial intelligence has a significant impact on sales and customer service by improving productivity and satisfaction rates. AI matters to sales because it:

  • Improves lead generation by 35% at least, according to Harvard Business Review. AI and machine learning systems reduce salespeople’s time and efforts to find, qualify, follow up and retain leads.
  • Fuels buying choices — when you are watching a YouTube channel or navigating through an online fashion store, AI uses recommendation, location and association algorithms behind the scene to analyze your choices and provide items you are likely to buy now. Google reports about increased CTRs in advertising campaigns powered by artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Increases selling time — McKinsey reports about AI having a positive impact on sales operations – at least a 47% increase in sales revenue. Agents spend more time actually selling – they delegate routine tasks and common queries to the AI and focus on sales and prospecting.
  • Decreases call time — customers and leads don’t wait for a human agent to answer. Sales AI provides 24/7/365 customer service non-stop via customer service chatbots and virtual assistants. This leads to dropping call times by as much as 50%-60%, according to Gartner.
  • Forecasts sales accurately — AI algorithms help reps predict actual sales months ahead, with a higher degree of accuracy. Organizations can figure out how to better plan for production, inventory and resources.

In this webinar we’ll share 4 use cases from Belgian companies that have implemented AI in their marketing, sales or customer service department:

  1. Energy supplier – Cnext: ‘Preventing customers from leaving with AI’

AI continuously monitors customer behavior and detects which customers have a high probability of leaving. AI further selects the ones to keep and predicts which retention proposals make the most sense to keep margin intact. The human makes the final choice of the offer based on context and customer knowledge.

Speaker: Roel Van den Bergh – Chief Commercial Officer @ Cnext

  • Unilever – Arinti: Sales Forecasting: How Predictive Analytics are transforming sales data into decisions.

Sales Forecasting is one of the hottest topics in AI nowadays. It enables companies to make informed business decisions and predict short- and long-term performance. Moreover, Sales forecasting gives insight into how a company should manage its workforce, cash flow, resources, marketing strategies and plan for future growth. In this presentation you will find out more about how Unilever uses predictive analytics to make sure their products are available for customers where and when they need it, and how they plan promotions to boost sales accordingly.

Speakers: Wouter Baetens, Managing Partner Arinti & Robin Rietveld, Information & Analytics Manager Unilever.

  • Puratos – Dataroots: Sales optimisation and personalisation at Puratos

Customised and personalised data driven sales services that generates value for both Puratos and the artisans.

Speakers : Benjamin Bado, Data Manager @Puratos & Jonas Tundo, Founder and CEO @dataroots

  • SD Worx – In The Pocket: Machine Learning to augment customer support

How do you liberate employees from repetitive tasks, such as forwarding emails to the right receiver? In The Pocket’s own AI expert, Kenny Helsens, talks about developing a multilingual mail classification system for SD Worx, fully based on Machine Learning. Find out how he leveraged Natural Language Processing technologies to save SD Worx’ precious time while also servicing their customers for the better.

Speaker: Kenny Helsens, AI Lead at In The Pocket

Free and open for all
Date: 26/3/2021 from 2 to 3 PM
Registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/201684929978227984

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