AI for Industry 4.0 research projects in Belgium

AI for Industry 4.0 research projects in Belgium

During this second plenary session of the Industry 4.0 working group of AI4Belgium, we would like to give you an insight into the various research projects at regional level that combine Industry 4.0 and AI.

  • AI Flanders: The manufacturing industry is very strong in Flanders and will in the context of industry 4.0, with more flexible production, benefit from the adoption of new AI technologies. We envision smart and flexible manufacturing environments where humans and machines, each with different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, work together, coping with unforeseen and changing circumstances.
    AI agents perform complex tasks or support humans in performing complex tasks. Smart factories have a high need of flexibility (able to switch tasks swiftly) and reduce time to learn a new task (both for robots and humans). The machines will need detailed and real-time monitoring.
    The overall manufacturing cycle or production line needs to be optimized and flexible in the Industry 4.0 concept. The fleets of machines, robots and AGVs (automated guided vehicles) require a high-level of control and need to collaborate.
    This webinar will illustrate with a number of use cases from the Flanders AI Research Program the need for new AI technologies to tackle current challenges in the adoption of AI in manufacturing.

    Speakers: Sabine Demey, Director Flanders AI Research Program Abdel Bey-Temsamani, Project Manager, Flanders Make Elena Tsiporkova, Head of EluciDATA lab, Sirris

  • AI Brussels: “Data-driven monitoring and optimisation of decentralised machining processes
    The talk will demonstrate the potential of AI in the context of a multi-modal methodology for monitoring and optimizing machining processes in decentralised manufacturing environments. How exactly AI algorithms can be used in this application will be illustrated via a concrete use case focusing on tool wear prediction.

    Speakers: Elena Tsiporkova & Mathias Verbeke, EluciDATA Lab, The Data and AI Competence Lab of Sirris.

  • AI Wallonia: In recent years, industrial companies have identified the benefits of mastering their data, using them to create value and competitive advantages, with AI appearing on their roadmap. In Wallonia as in many other European countries, several AI related R&D projects were launched recently driven by the dynamics of more advanced companies, in the context of competitiveness clusters among others. The presentation will cover and illustrate the different uses of AI covered by those projects. In terms of players, at a regional level, they gather at the junction of two initiatives of Digital Wallonia : on the one hand Future Industry, as regards the Industry 4.0 field, on the other hand for the IA aspects. As regards future R&D perspectives, they will take place through the TRAIL initiative which aims at coordinating and supporting Walloon research and innovation actions in AI. The first step is the large “ARIAC by” research project, in which one of the sectors targeted is, of course, manufacturing and production. Specific topics include trust mechanisms for AI and AI for constrained environments.

    Speakers: Damien Hubaux & Jean-Christophe Deprez, CETIC

Date: Tuesday 16th March from 3 to 4.30 PM
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